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Please join our Tax Preparation Meeting when scheduled.

Your meeting informtion will be sent to you prior to your meeting.

During the meeting for new clients, I will get your basic information and send you a portal link. Look for taxstatusnow. Prior year clients will also receive the portal link prior to the meeting.

With the link; choose a username and a password.

Login to upload your documents securely by photo or standard document formats. [IE. doc., pdf.]

Thank you for using our services.

Kevin Davis
Phone: (302) 792-1717

Rental Activity

Schedule E
  • Schedule E
  • All Federal Forms
  • 1 State Filing
  • Efile process 

Small Business

Schedule C
  • Schedule C
  • All Federal Forms
  • 1 State Filing
  • Efile process

Correction Form

Federal/State Corrections
  • 1040X Correction
  • Previous Filings Corrected